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Be certain of structural
working capital for
the growth of your company

Certain of extra working capital for the growth of your company

Togather is the solution for SME companies that...

… do business with domestic & international companies.

… want to grow faster by having access to a reliable source of working capital

… want to be able to provide their customers with more attractive payment terms

"Quick and structural working capital make all of our ambitions possible."

Joost Afman
Founder- Data Science Lab

working capital
available to help
grow your

Challenges to SME Growth

The two most common challenges that SME companies typically face are:
1. Access to reliable sources of capital
2. Ensuring their customers pay on time. 40% of SME companies find that managing delayed payments significantly slows their growth and takes focus away from the company’s core objectives.

Our Platform as The Solution

For SME businesses with a minimum revenue of 2 Million Euro per year, we have developed a financing platform to help you accelerate your business’ growth. We provide our clients with a reliable source of working capital so that they can achieve their growth targets. Also, by using our free, proprietary web-based platform, our clients further enhance their understanding of your liquidity position, also reducing the time and resource they need to dedicate to managing their debtors.

Together we will achieve your goals!

Why Togather?


No more waiting for your clients to pay


Protection from your customers not paying for whatever reason


Your client will not be notified about the factoring.


We buy the invoices of your international clients.


We buy all of your qualifying invoice.

What if:

A calculation example


Average payment term

Debtor balance outstanding invoices

€ 5.000.000

30 days

€ 400.000

You will receive from Togather

Debit balance

5% deposit (preliminary)

Money transferred to your account

€ 400.000

€ 20.000

€ 380.000

Let’s say your clients pay within 30 days.

Then you will receive another 3,5% (Indicative, ask for a quote)

€ 14.000

How do cash flows work on a day to day basis?

After the invoices have been sent out, we immediately pay you 95% of the total amount. Once the payment for the invoice has been received, you will receive a further payment from us. This further payment will be a % of the invoice, and it depends on how quickly the invoice was paid.

What do I get:

– Immediate payment of your invoice, even if your client is subsequently declared bankrupt.
– If necessary, we will send reminders on your behalf.
– You stay in close contact with the client should there be any dispute.
– We take over the risk of payment default

Our method

It's very simple


You provide your client and Togather with the invoice (digitally).


Within 1 day, 95% of the invoice will be paid by Togather.


The customer’s payment is received and we then pay a further %, which is dependant on the timing of the receipt.*

*Once your customers have been granted a limit, we take over all the invoices issued to those customers, that haven’t expired. When your customer pays the invoice, we then pay an additional % to you, depending on how quickly the invoice is settled.

A calculation example?

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