Introduction CEO Deborah Hutchinson

As As our CEO, Deborah is leading Togather’s technology-driven growth and financial strategy. Deborah is currently growing the Amsterdam based team with a particular emphasis on sales and marketing resources.

Deborah is also the COO and a co-founder of ChannelCapital Advisors, our UK parent, which specialises in technology-enabled asset securitisation where she oversees the operations of the firm. 

Prior to joining Channel, Deborah was at Rabobank for 8 years, overseeing budgeting, planning and administration for global capital market activities.

Deborah is passionate about building and developing new businesses and working in partnership with others to achieve this goal. She believes offering technology based financing solutions to SME customers enables them to develop beyond what they could achieve through taking more traditional financing solutions from the banking sector. Deborah is excited about the enhanced insights Together customers will be provided with in 2020 to help them safely manage and grow their business through the imminent new system release. There are also several new exciting techniques for cash and business management which will be rolled out to all clients throughout the year.

Deborah holds a BSc from the London School of Economics LSE  and is a Chartered Accountant)

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