Wholesale businesses with future prospects are struggling due to liquidity shortage

If you are a growing wholesale business with good margins and plenty of big, (international) clients, you’re in a good position. You can see a future with lots of growth and you want to take on new assignments. However, this is not possible because you’re struggling with the problem that your international clients demand payment terms of 45 days or even longer, for example. How does this work exactly and what does this mean for the growth of your wholesale business? 

Growth is important to your company, that’s why nothing should be in the way to stop it. What is in the way, currently, is that the debtors have 45 days to pay their invoices. This becomes a problem when your suppliers have to be paid within 14 days so you have to hold back a supply of goods. When they have been paid, a new liquidity shortage arises. Consequently there is no working capital available and no new orders can be taken on, which means there is no growth. How can you clear the way?

The challenge

We recognise this challenge: you want to spend time on the core business of your company, but at the same time you’re busy with the question of when your clients are going to pay or even if they’re going to pay at all. Increasing your customer base takes a lot of your time up, and you don’t want to be kept busy with administrative rigmarole. 

Our solution

We can clear the way for you. With factoring 2.0, Togather provides your company with working capital! What does this mean?

·      We buy your existing and new invoices without informing your clients
·      At Togather you get paid at least 95% of the amount of the new invoice
·      For both domestic and international clients
·      We take over the bankruptcy risk
·      We hook on to existing company processes

Through this, you can focus on the growth of your company without having to worry about a liquidity shortage.

Making work capital available

Through taking over your invoices and providing you with working capital, Togather is reacting to the current financial demand of your wholesale business. With factoring 2.0 by Togather you can be sure of your invoices being paid. You don’t have to worry about uncertain cash flow. You can focus on what you want to be focusing on: the growth of your company. Leave the financial fuss to us and focus on the future!

Curious about what we can mean to you? Click here for a calculation example and see exactly what you will receive and what it will cost, using your own figures. Or get to know us straight away by leaving your number.

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