"Time to continue growing and achieve my ambitions"

Eric Van Houte

Owner - Van Houte Group

I had been looking for a solution to lower / remove the pressure on my liquidity for a long time. This pressure was mainly on the bigger jobs, where I paid my supplier as soon as they had delivered but I could only invoice after I had delivered the finished project. In some cases, it took more than 60 days before my invoice was paid. Long payment terms are always a thorn in the side of every entrepreneur. People I know from my business network drew my attention to a phenomenon called ‘factoring’ and I got in touch with Togather. As well as providing me with extra working, the undisclosed approach was very appealing to me. After all, you are selling your invoices and not your customers.

Now, long payment terms for my customers are no longer an obstacle when I’m taking on new assignments. Now there’s time to continue growing and achieve my ambitions.

  • Immediate working capital
  • Time for more assignments
  • Achieving my ambition