Factoring is an alternative form of funding, where invoices are being paid almost immediately. You’ll have more working capital readily available and often debtor management is outsourced. Outstanding invoices of clients are sold to a factor. They pay the invoice immediately, which improves the company’s liquidity. This gives companies access to financial resources without having to wait for their customers to pay them.

Togather Factoring

Every entrepreneur likes to stay in control of their liquidity to avoid financial risks. Unlike traditional factoring, there is virtually no risk of non-payment and you won’t have any administrative fuss. And while you maintain customer relationships, we will be quietly in the background, guarding your liquidity.

Togather offers an alternative form of factoring, that makes your liquidity grow right along with your revenue. Unlike banks, we make sure that you can make it through those peak periods when you need your money most. With Togather factoring 2.0, you no longer have to wait for your money, there is no credit risk and your debtor management is well facilitated.

Togather Factoring 2.0

We like to think of it as the egg of Columbus, but we call it Factoring 2.0. With it, we cover financial risks for 100% so that you can focus on your ambitions and grow.


– designed by people who understand the challenges of running an SME

– We buy your invoices and pay within 2 days

– We will help you guard your liquidity

This is only one of the ten benefits our new way of factoring offers. Would you like to calculate what it can bring you? Calculate how much money you’ll receive.

Togather Versus Existing Factoring Solutions

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American Style

Customer Experience

Will not be disclosed to the customer on the invoices

The factor’s bank account number is shown on the invoice

You disclose the name of the factor on your invoice

Credit Risk

Togather takes over the risk of client non payment

At your own risk or insured (via factor), coverage 80-90%

Factor (partly)
takes over the risk of bankruptcy

Credit Management

Free credit management workflow platform.
You maintain the customer relationships

Do it yourself or outsource in the name of factor

In the name of factor

International Transfers

* soms mogelijk voor een beperkt
aantal landen

Togather versus bestaande factoring oplossingen

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Customer experience

Geen mededeling aan de klant op de facturen


Faillissement risico volledig bij Togather

Credit management

Gratis credit management workflow platform. Jij houdt persoonlijk contact met klant

Internationale transacties

* soms mogelijk voor een beperkt aantal landen


Customer experience

Vermelding van bankrekening
nummer van Factor op factuur


Risico bij jou of verzekerd (via factor)
dekking 80-90%

Credit management

Zelf doen of uitbesteedt uit naam van factor

Internationale transacties

American Style

Customer experience

Je vermeldt de naam
van de factor op je factuur


Faillissement risico (deels) bij factor

Credit management

Uit naam
van factor

Internationale transacties

“Working capital to achieve growth ambitions“

Peter van der Wilk
Owner – Westland Accountancy

Immediate working capital available to help grow your company