Our method

It's very simple

your company your client

You provide your client and Togather with the invoice (digitally).


Within 2 days, 95% of the invoice will be paid by Togather.


You receive a payment from your client and settle the receipt with Togather.*

your company your client

**After we have confirmation we can insure a customer’s receivables, we buy any outstanding invoices due from them. Within two days we will pay 95%. If your client pays the invoice within 30 days, you will receive another 3% of the invoice amount. This payment declines to 2% for invoices paid within 31-60 days and 1% for invoices paid within 61-90 days. If you receive a payment, this amount will be netted against the purchase of new invoices and the difference is credited to you. The faster your client pays, the more money you will receive. Only fair, right?