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There is minimal risk of non-payment and you will not have to deal with any administrative fuss. While you maintain the relationship with your customers, we will be quietly in the background, guarding your liquidity.

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No more waiting for your money

You provide us with the invoices via our platform, and we will pay you within 48 hours. From now on, the inflow of money is easily predictable. It’s that simple.


Minimal risk of bankruptcy or non-payment

To be certain your invoice will be paid, without having to worry about the credit risk. Safe and sound.


Your client will not be notified about the factoring

Unlike other factors, we don’t inform your client about the sale. Your client keeps paying you, not us. You are selling your invoice, not your relationship!


We also buy the invoices of your international clients

Whether your clients are established in London, Amsterdam, Brussels or New York, it doesn’t change a thing. We will make sure you can do business safely anywhere in the world.


Off to a good start as we buy all your open invoices

To jump-start your working capital, we also buy your existing outstanding invoices. This way you immediately receive capital required to execute your plans.


Special rates when your client pays faster

Togather offers factoring at discounted rates. And you will receive even higher payment rates if your clients pay faster. Only fair, right?


24/7 access to our free credit management platform Crest©

As our customer, you’ll have access to our free credit management platform Crest©. You can use it to upload your invoices, check your client’s creditworthiness and all of the other day-to-day tasks related to credit- and risk management.


Clarity on the payment behaviour of your clients

With our credit management platform Crest© you’ll have 24/7 insight into the payment behaviour of your clients and grip on your debtor management.


You maintain personal contact with your client for up to 30 days after the payment term is exceeded

You get in touch with your client if a payment is delayed, or a correction needed. You are selling your invoices, not your relationship.


The service or product must be delivered or completed

Knowing where you stand in advance. Knowing what amount of credit to provide safely; the convenience of Togather.


I’m relieved that I can finally make it through those peak periods.

Dimitri Romijn CFO - Swets Group BV

Immediate working capital available to help grow your company