What if:

A calculation example

Revenue 24.000.000
Average payment term 30 days
Balance outstanding invoices 2.000.000

You will receive from Togather

Balance outstanding invoices 2.000.000
5% deposit (preliminary) 100.000
Money transferred to your account 1.900.000

Let’s say your clients pay within 30 days

Then you will receive another 3,5% (Indicative, ask for a quote) 70.000

How do cash flows work on a day to day basis

After the invoices have been sent out, we immediately pay you 95% of the total amount. Once the payment for the invoice has been received, you will receive a further payment from us. This further payment will be a % of the invoice, and it depends on how quickly the invoice was paid.

What do I get:

- Immediate payment of your invoice; assurance of payment, even if your client is subsequently declared insolvent.
- If necessary we will send reminders on your behalf.
- You stay in close contact with the client should there be any dispute.
- We take over the risk of non-payment, except when due to a commercial dispute.

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I’m relieved that I can finally make it through those peak periods.

Dimitri Romijn CFO - Swets Group BV

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